Nikon shows off some new concept cameras

Earlier this year a video circulated around, showing off a new camera from the Consumer Electronics Show. The camera was called the WVIL camera, it turned out to be fake, but sometimes fiction is closer to reality.

This week Nikon is showing off a few concept cameras at the Hello Tomorrow exhibition in Paris, France, and one of them looks remarkably similar to the WVIL concept.

The Nikon Modular Camera appears to have a LCD screen that wirelessly connects an interchangeable lens and grip.

Some photos taken by montie_j:

The Nikon Multi-Ball appears to be a 360-degree panoramic camera, perhaps something similar to the Lytro Camera that we talked about last week.

Lastly is the Nikon i-Ball, we are not really sure what these are for, but it reminds me of the GoPro HS helmet cameras that have become very popular as of late.
What do you think, are these just fun prototypes or the future of photography?