A Costume that takes the term “Fanboy” to a new level

Fully Functional Nikon Camera Costume made by Tyler Card

Some people spend more time on their costumes then others, Tyler Card spent many hours working on a fully-functional Nikon D3 costume. Using cardboard and a bucket, an old laptop, a DSLR, remote trigger and a Flash, Tyler was able to create this awesome costume, that actually takes good photos.

When Tyler takes a photo using his costume, the image appears on a laptop screen on his back. I have to give this guy credit this is one creative costume.

Edit: Tom pointed out in the comments that this costume looks more like a Nikon D3100 than a D3

  • Mode dial is on the wrong side
  • D3 doesn’t have a pop-up flash
  • D3’s body has a bottom hand grip

Check out how Tyler put together this great costume:

(VIA PopPhoto)