DSLR Video

Vimeo has put together a video series that is aimed at the beginner DSLR video maker titled Do More With Your DSLR. Here are their first two episodes that look at exposure, white balance, ISO and picking a rig for your DSLR.

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If you liked those videos make sure you check out Film Riot, another great video series for beginner videographers.

The Passion-Aggression Chassis, the future of DSLR video rigs…

The Passion-Aggression Chassis is the future of DSLR video rigs. It is big, expensive and loaded with features like cup holders, dice, lot’s of places to grip, a mat box, and a built in boom mic with a custom baby seal fur wind screen. We all know that size matter, so the bigger your rig is the better! Okay so if you have not caught on the Passion-Aggression Chassis is not a real product. The guys at Neumann Films are trying to make a point, it is not all about your camera gear, it is about creativity. You don’t need a $10,000 rig to make a movie, you can do it yourself with a T2i or another HDSLR camera and a tripod.

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