Keep your camera gear close at hand with Think Tank Photo’s new Modular Rotation System

As an event photographer you need to be able to have quick access to your camera gear. Think Tank Photo newly redesigned Modular Rotation System takes all your camera equipment and puts it on your belt.

We had the opportunity to try out the system this week and were quite impressed, the system was easy to use and figure out. You attach the bags to a belt and can either fix them in position or allow them to move around the belt and out of the way, when not in use. The Lens Changer bags have a wide mouth that allows quick lens changes without removing the lens hood. Some of the larger bags like the Lens Changer 75 have a pop down compartment which allows you to expand the bag with a simple zipper. You should be able to fit a 100-400 f/4 lens in the Lens Changer 75. The Lens Changers also have the added bonus of having a rain cover hidden behind a zippered pocket on the bottom. A drawstring keeps your lens from falling out, and you should be able to operate it with one hand. The material and padding in the bags should protect your lens from scratches and the occasional bump.

The package also came with some gear pouches, one for your flash and a multi-use pouch than is just the right size for your gear, whether it is more lenses, batteries, flash triggers or any number of small gadgets.
We didn’t have much issue with the belt falling down (we didn’t load it up too much), but all your equipment can start to get heavy. The new Keep It Up shoulder strap not only helps keep the belt from falling down, it also includes a memory card holder within easy reach.

Think Tank Photo has also redesigned their skin line, which offers most of the same features but is a more compact and lightweight system than the modular rotation system.

Think Tank Photo has done a great job redesigning this system, it was truly designed for photographers. The Modular Component Set v2.0 and Modular Skin Set V2.0 will ship in early December.

Full disclosure: Think Tank Photo sent us the Modular Component Set to review.

Photos courtesy of @PhilADavis

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR

Some have argued that the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras in the world. Although I don’t think you will be seeing the iPhone on Snapsort anytime soon, you can now upgrade your iPhone with a case that allows SLR lenses to be used.

The iPhone may have a tiny sensor and no business being used with high end lenses, but if you are a more money than brains iPhone owner, this is a must have accessory. You can mount your Canon or Nikon lenses to your phone and become the coolest iPhone photographer in the world.  For only $250 (that doesn’t include a lens), you can now carry a giant bag of lenses around with your ultra portable iPhone.

They are in stock now so check out the Photojojo store now before you are disappointed.