Adobe Launches V10 of Photoshop & Premiere Elements

Adobe Systems announced the release of version 10 of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, two of their popular photo and video editing applications.

Photoshop Elements fielded a crop of upgrades, including support for 64 bit systems running Window 7. Other add-ons include the ability to paint specific effects and patterns on parts of photos and post-processing simulated bokeh and other guided edits.

Also new is the ability to search for photos that contain specific objects, so if you’re looking for all pictures that feature a motorcycle, you can have Object Search do the legwork for you. Search functions also include the ability to weed out duplicates.

Simplified text to path and text to shape tools will make it easier for users to create their own cards and event notices, along with several built-in templates for online and printed albums.

Another feature you may or may not appreciate is integration with Facebook’s facial recognition tagging. There are also other updates for better integration with other social media sites.

For the more technically savvy, Adobe has integrated the Photoshop Touch API, which lets developers build touch tablet apps that interact with Photoshop and now will also work in Elements.

Other new features include what Adobe calls “content intelligent tools” that will do things like move people from one background to a different one, choose the best looks for each individual in a group shot and even wipe people out of a scene.

Photoshop and Premiere Elements are available for download for $99.99 each or $149.99 together. Available for Mac and Windows.

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