Lytro Announces Pre-Orders On Shoot First, Focus Later Camera

Lytro camera
Lytro's shoot first, focus later light field camera - by Lytro

Apple users will get yet another reason to be happy about as the first Lytro shoot first, focus later cameras go on pre-order for $399-$499. The first models out the door will only work with Mac’s, the Windows version of the software won’t be available until later.

I’ve said before that I think this is an interesting concept that may, eventually make changes in the field of photography, but if the selective focus is the only advantage, I don’t think it’s all that. It will really depend on what other advances the technology brings to photography.  I’m not listing my Canon 7D on Craigslist just yet.

The camera itself is only 4.41 inches long and has a dinky 1.61 inch display on the back.

The models come in two flavors and three colors. A gray or blue 8 GB model for $399 or a red 16 GB model for $499. The 8 GB camera will be able to hold about 350 images, the 16 GB camera around 450.

Try as they might Lytro is going to miss the holiday season as the cameras won’t be shipping until next year. As mentioned above, Mac users only for right now and only those living in North America.

If you don’t have a Mac, you can still sign up to be notified when the Windows version becomes available.

While light field technology may have a big impact down the road, right now it’s an interesting novelty with limited applications.