Create slow motion movies of high speed action

A growing number of cameras now record high speed video, allowing you to capture fast action and slow it down, for example hummingbirds flying, matches being lit, etc. By recording the video at a high frame rate, say 240fps, it can then be slowed down to the standard 30fps and look smooth and natural!

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Casio Pro EX-F1

The Casio Pro EX-F1 is a popular camera for high speed videos up to an incredible 1,200 FPS. The EX-F1 also features 40fps continuous still image shooting, 12x zoom, a large 1/1.7″ sensor, and full 1080p video. More recent cameras from Casio that shoot high speed video include the EX-FH25 super-zoom shooting up to 1,000 fps and the compact EX-FC150 also up to 1,000 fps.

Hummingbirds in slow motion at 300fps shot using the Casio EX-F1

Skateboarders in slo-mo at 300fps, 600fps and 1,200 fps shot using the Casio EX-F1

Casio Pro EX-F1

The Fujifilm HS10 is another popular camera for high speed videos up to 1,000 FPS. The HS-10 has some incredible features including an industry leading 30x zoom, and doesn’t sacrifice wide-angle either with its 24mm wide-angle lens, also industry leading. The HS10 shoots RAW, captures full 1080p videos, and has a wide f/2.8 aperture at 24mm.

Lighting a match shot at 480fps using the Fujifilm HS-10

Birds hopping about shot at 240fps using the Fujifilm HS-10