10 Great Gifts for the Photographer on Your List

Gifts for Photographers

1. Digital Photo Frame
There’s nothing quite like seeing prints of your photographs for the first time, but sometimes you just need another way to show off your images without having to frame them all. This frame looks like it could hang with the rest of the photos and is a great alternative for someone who is constantly shooting.

2. 500px Plus/Awesome Account
The rapidly growing online photography community, 500px, helps photographers showcase their work while connecting with others and finding inspiration. Give your favourite shutterbug the gift of unlimited uploads and sign them up for an upgraded account.

3. Into Focus Lens Mug
Photographers eat, sleep, and breathe their craft. Now they can drink it too. This lens mug is a fun gift for the truly obsessed cameraperson.

4. SD Card
A commonly overlooked but no-brainer gift, an SD card is a great way to support your image enthusiast’s work. You will never hear anyone complain about having too much image storage and this 32g SanDisk card should do the trick.

5. Camera Keychain
A cute trinket, this keychain accessory is a fun way for someone to show off their obsession without having to wear a camera around their neck. It even makes a shutter sound and has an LED “flash”!

6. GorillaPod
For the photographer who loves to get that crazy angle or hates carrying around a full tripod, JOBY’s GorillaPod is a lifesaver. Sturdy enough to support an SLR with a zoom lens, the GorillaPod’s three legs can be wrapped around almost anything, creating the potential for truly unique perspectives.

7. 100 Ideas That Changed Photography
Creating can be tough, especially in a bustling industry. It is inevitable that, like all artists, a photographer will find themselves in a rut one day.  This book explains 100 concepts that changed photography over the years, giving new inspiration from the origins of the craft.

8. 50mm f/1.8 Lens
Whether they’re shooting Canon, Nikon, or anything else, this lens is a must for any photographer. The low aperture capabilities are essential to creating captivating portraits with blown-out backgrounds and highlighting key focal points. Check out the Nikon lens or the Canon lens.

9. Right Angle Mirror Spy Lens
For the photographer who isn’t quite comfortable approaching strangers or drawing their attention, this super spy lens is super handy. While the photographer aims the lens at one subject, it is actually taking a picture of whatever is 90 degrees to the left or right.

10. 4 Piece Filter Set
Of the many add-ons a photographer can use to create a specific look, filters are one of the easiest and most cost effective. This set contains the four most commonly used filters a photographer could want.

Five More Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers

Professional photographer magazine
A subscription to Professional Photographer Magazine is a great gift idea for the photographer in your life

It’s that time of year again, when millions of people grapple with the question of what to get the photographer in their life. Readers appreciated the tips in the last article, but wanted more options. So, here you go, five more gift ideas and more at lower prices.

Professional Photographer Magazine subscription – It’s easy to forget to renew magazine subscriptions and all the better when they come as a gift.  Every month they’ll think of you when this gift arrives in the mail.

Pop Up Flash Diffuser  – I’m always losing mine. I’ll pop it on for some close up shots, then take it off and set it down somewhere to take a shot from farther back, only to forget about it sitting on the table.  These are very handy to have at family gatherings where you may not feel like dragging your lighting gear.

Zeiss Pre-Packaged Lens Cleaners  – A brand name you can trust in handy single-use packets. These are surprisingly handy to have, particularly when working outside or at the beach where you might pick up salt spray on your lens.

32 inch Portable Reflector – You can never have too many of these. This model has silver and gold reflectors and functions as a diffuser.

Pedco Ultraclamp Assembly  – A wonderfully useful little gadget that allows positioning the camera on whatever might be around. Clamp it to a fence post, stair railing, almost anything strong enough to hold the camera weight.

Now you should have plenty of gift options for anyone you know who pursues photography as a living or serious hobby.