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Amazing unseen nature footage

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Unstoppable: Canada’s Paralympic Team

The Canadian Paralympic Committee has put together a great commercial, filmed in one continuous shoot, without any CGI effects.

How the video was made

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Hat Tip to PetaPixel

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Retro Pixelated Cameras

How many cameras can you name? Antonio Vicentini, created this fun video using images created by Billy Brown. You might also want to check out Billy’s entire collection of 100 pixelated cameras, enjoy the video.

Via TheVerge

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IKEA makes a cardboard disposable digital camera

The IKEA camera shoots 40 pictures, uses two AA batteries, and has a thin built-in USB port. Would you buy a disposable digital camera?

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Has Instagram changed the world of Photography?

Do you need a full frame DSLR to take a great photo? Or can you take amazing photos with your smartphone?

Via PetaPixel

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