Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


A feat of American engineering in the heart of Panama.

Photo by Droneplcr

Panama’s so thin, both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans can both be viewed from a number of modest hills. It only took the construction of a 48-mile canal to save ships 8000 miles of time and gas if they were to sail around South America.


Any traveler interested in history or engineering makes the Panama Canal a world highlight. Here you can learn about the history of the canal and see boats pass through the gigantic locks.

If watching water slowly rise and fall is not your thing, nearby Panama City should provide enough excitement. With its long coastline of beach and nightlife, comparisons are often drawn to Miami.

Panama has a number of amazing beach spots but the best experience is a sailing trip through the San Blas Islands, hundreds of uninhabited islands with pure white sand. You may then be able to convince your captain to sail you through the Panama Canal. Keep in mind, the average cost to cross the canal is $150,000.