Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


Visit these coral reefs while you still can.

Sea turtle on the Great Barrier Reef. Photo by Gjhamley

Fishing practices and climate change are affecting coral reefs around the world. These colourful towers are living organisms providing food and shelter to much aquatic life, so as we lose coral we also lose the beautiful fish that delight snorkelers and divers.

Luckily, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the largest coral reef system in the world, is largely protected. Here you’ll see a diversity of marine life like nowhere else in the world.

Snorkel, dive or swim amongst the many sea turtles as they slowly crunch at the coral before gliding up to the ocean surface for air. Seahorses bob along the ocean floor. Humpback whales cruise through the waters in the distance.

Despite protection efforts, the coral on the Great Barrier Reef are beginning to suffer from climate change. Go there soon for what may truly be a once in a lifetime chance to take in the vibrant towers along Australia’s coast.