Natural Phenomena – Extraordinary Time-Lapse Video

This stunning time-lapse video will wow you. Made by Reid Gower, the footage was taken with a Nikon D300, a Canon 5DMII, and a GoPro Hero 2 in locations across the USA, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

The description on Reid’s vimeo page is:

Humans are part of the natural order. We’re risen apes that acquired language and learned to use tools. Skyscrapers and spacecraft may seem unnatural, but they’re just as much a part of the natural order as beaver dams and bird nests. Boring electrical lines hint at the energy solution of a mammalian species. Open your eyes to the world you’ve grown accustomed to, and rejoice in the fact that you can participate in the human project. – @ReidGower –