Polaroid Back In The Instant Game With Z340

polaroid z340
The Z340 has an internal printer good for 20 shots between charges

Polaroid is back with a new instant print producing camera before the holidays, but this time without the smelly chemicals associated with instant film. The new Polaroid Z340 has a built-in, low-profile printer that churns out the same 3×4 format as the original images.

The printing technology is made by Zink – Zero Ink Technology, that was also found in the short-lived PoGo Bluetooth portable printer. The ink is actually embedded in the paper and heat-activated to develop the image.

Weighing a little less than a standard DSLR, the Z340 is also a digital camera that stores images in its internal memory.

Coupled with the internal printer is a 14-megapixel camera and, like any other digital camera, has an LCD screen on the back so you can preview your photos.

Unlike the old style Polaroid cameras, the Z340 allows you to print the pictures right away, or run various edits and corrections before printing them out.

Don’t expect much in the way of manual controls, white balance and ISO are all you get, everything else is automatic, though there are 30 different built-in scene modes such as Portrait, Sunset, and Backlight for different shooting situations.

The camera can hold 10 sheets of print paper at a time and the replacement packs of 30 will run $19.99.

The Polaroid Z340 is available now for $299.99 from Amazon.