Wow that’s a big camera

After learning that some people use x-ray film in regular cameras, as a cheaper alternative to normal film, photographer Darren Samuelson got and idea. What if instead of cutting up x-ray film you could take a single photo using the whole film. After spending a year researching how to do it and seven months building the massive six foot long homemade large-formate camera, Darren is finally showing off his work.

Darren’s Great Big Camera (Via PetaPixel)

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One Response to “Wow that’s a big camera”

  1. Nikon Photography June 10, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    There’s nothing so impossible if you really have determination to do a thing you think significantly useful to you and in the future for other! This kind of invention is so remarkable since he is the only person got an interest for this BIG CAMERA! I’ll be a good follower of you Darren.. More Power!