LRT for Dummies

You may or may not know that Snapsort is a small software startup based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Think of Waterloo as a tiny Silicon Valley up here in the Great White North (koo loo koo koo koo koo koo koo).  Although what you see currently is largely a camera site, we have a little secret: we want to be the first choice for users making any purchasing decision, from real estate and travel to stocks and hot yoga studios.

You see, our business requires a lot of complex and exciting engineering work (P.S. we’re hiring), which means we need to hire world class coders.  The city we live in is a big part of that. Waterloo is a fantabulous region.  Seriously: it’s awesome.  Like other big tech centres that went before us, someone, on some council, in a place called city hall made a decision for or against a rail system.  Well, it’s now our turn to make that decision.

Since Snapsort is all about helping people make better decisions we thought we’d create a super ginormous infographic on all the talking points.  We hope the techies, students, and Waterloo Region lovers will read this, and share it with their friends. (YES, PLEASE POST, TWEET AND SHARE – embed code below the infographic.)

Waterloo Region has undergone explosive growth — it’s a legitimate success story — largely because we have three universities/colleges and a whole lot of talented techies doing cool stuff.  Tech is now our economic heart: manufacturing has left, and Blackberries, Open Text, Desire2Learn, Kik, and hundreds of other have moved in.  There is a small and vocal minority who don’t want a large, super fantastic and dominant urban tech centre, and who think rail systems are silly.   We don’t really agree with this segment although we love that they have an opinion.  What’s your opinion?

Christopher Reid, Snapsort co-founder

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