Nikon D5100 leaked by Nikon Romania, ME-1, ISO up to 102,400

We previously summarized some of the rumors around the new Nikon D5100 that will be announced this week.

Today it looks like Nikon Romania accidentally leaked details including:

  • The D5100 will have the 16.2MP sensor from the D7000, awesome!
  • It will support ISO up to 102,400, this has been called night vision 🙂
  • There is some info about a microphone, ME-1, a unidirectional stereo microphone, for around USD $200
  • It will feature a new HDR feature, this will be a first for a Nikon DSLR (some Pentax and Sony DSLRs have built in HDR features already)
  • Stereo mic input
  • Side swivel LCD
  • EN-EL14 battery

We’ll keep you updated!

Here is a picture of the microphone:

Nikon ME-1 microphone for Nikon D5100