Nikon D5100 specs and comparisons

There are a lot of rumors circulating that there will be a new Nikon entry level DSLR released shortly.  Nikon is rumored to be announcing the D5100 on April 5th. The D5100 will be the successor of the Nikon D5000 and is expected to have a similar size and body but with many of the features that has made the Nikon D3100 so popular.

Snapsort has compiled some of the rumors and put together our best guess of the full specs of the Nikon D5100.

  • 14 megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor – the same sensor that is in the D3100
  • A swivel or flip out LCD screen – unlike the flip out screen on the D5000 this one might flip out to the side instead of down
  • Full 1080p video – similar to the D3100 and D7000
  • Contrast detection autofocus – autofocusing while recording has almost become standard on the latest line of Nikon’s
  • 11 AF focus points

Snapsort’s guesses:

  • 3” LCD screen
  • 4 fps
  • 3,200 ISO
  • 12,800 ISO (boost)
  • Price $850 with a lens and around $730 with body only

You can now compare the D5100 to any camera on Snapsort. Here are some comparisons to get you started:

We will update our specs as soon as we learn more about the D5100. What do you think, is it worth waiting for the D5100 to be released?