Nikon D3100 Compared

Nikon D3100

Rumor has it that Nikon will be announcing its newest DSLR in two days on August 19th: the Nikon D3100.

At Snapsort we’ve made our best guess as to the full specs, and loaded it into the site so you can start comparing it now to see how it might stackup!

Here are some links to comparisons to get you started:

How did we come up with our guessed specs? First we started with the full specs from the Nikon D3000, so for example we’re guessing the D3100 will be the same size as the D3000. Next, we updated the specs with the rumored leaked specs, including 14MP CMOS sensor, 1080p video with continuous focus capabilities etc. Next, we made some inferences/guesses. These include:

  • People have speculated that the Nikon D3100 will use the Sony manufactured sensor found in the Sony A450, so we took the native resolution of 4592×3056 pixels from it, and took the DXOMark image quality scores from it too, placing it between the D3000 and the D90 for low light image quality.
  • Next we guessed that the D3100 will get the same high resolution 920k screen that recent Nikon DSLRs including the D90 and D300s. Here we made a leap, we assumed the D3100 will have a flip-out (or articulating screen) since the D3100 is packed with video features (similar to the D5000 and rumored Canon D60).
  • The only information we’ve seen regarding the video specs is that it will record 1080p video using the AVCHD codec. We went ahead and guessed that it will record 1920×1080 video at 24fps, and also record 1280×720 video at 24fps, consistent with the other Nikon DSLRs that record HD video (the D5000, D90, D3s and D300s)
  • We also guess that the D3100 will shoot at approximately 5ps, slightly faster than other entry level DSLRs from Nikon

This is likely to be an exciting few months for DSLR fans, with Nikon set to announce the D3100 on August 19th, and speculation they will announce the D95 (D90 replacement) in September, along with Canon introducing their 60D (a 50D replacement).

We’ll update our specs as soon as we learn more. How accurate do you think Snapsort’s specs for the D3100 will turn out to be?