Specs and photo of the new Nikon D3100

The rumored Nikon D3100 entry level DSLR is set to be announced in 6 days on August 19th. More details are surfacing!

  • 14 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor – the switch from the D3000’s CCD sensor to CMOS is likely neccessary for the HD video and hopefully signs of improved low light sensitivity. Only Nikon’s lower end DSLRs use CCD sensors.
  • Live view – an upgrade from the D3000
  • 3″ screen, no information on its resolution, hopefully 920k like the recent DSLRs, would be a huge upgrade from the D3100’s 230k
  • Full 1080p video, a first for Nikon, joining the other Nikon DSLRs that shoot video (D5000, D300s, D90, D3s)
  • Continuous auto-focus while recording video, a first for any DSLR that I’m aware of, but I think the Panasonic micro-four-thirds cameras already do this
  • New EXPEED2 processor
  • Max ISO of 12,800, up from the D3000’s max of 3,200
  • Price of 650 €

My guesses:

  • It will have similar low light image quality to the Nikon D90 (see Nikon D90 vs D3000)
  • It will retail for USD $699 with a 18-55mm kit lens
  • It will have a 460k screen

First look at the Nikon D3100

Source: Nikon Rumors