We’ve just pushed a couple of tweaks to!  These are pretty minor, but we felt they needed to be addressed quickly.

Getting the comparison you asked for

A few people had pointed out to us that when they’d requested a comparison of one camera they might get a comparison of another camera. 

Behind the scenes there are a number of cameras that are given different names in different geographic regions, for example the camera known as the Canon Rebel T1i in North America is known as the Canon EOS 500D in Europe.  Initially we had this represented as just one camera in our system with two names, and one of the names was chosen arbitrarily as the main name.

We’ve improved how this works now, representing alternate names as separate (but related) cameras, so people who ask for a comparison of the Canon Rebel T1i vs the Canon Rebel XS will get the comparison they asked for!

Improved Comparison Search

The comparison search boxes will now find the camera you’re looking for even if you don’t type in (or use the auto completion) to find the full name.  For example, if you type in “Canon 40D” and not use the auto completion, we’ll now find the right camera without you having to type in “Canon EOS 40D”.

Improved Autosuggest

Previously when you typed in something like “Nikon” into a comparison search we’d show you a rather arbitrarily sorted list of cameras.  Now, the list of suggestions is sorted first by match closesness (as it was before) and then by new-ness of the camera, so if you type in “Nikon” you’ll see a list of the the most recent cameras released by Nikon.

Keep the feedback coming, thanks! is live – Compare cameras

Yesterday we released our first feature up at Using the site you can compare any two digital cameras and get a concise summary of the differences and similarities, and see which camera thinks is better overall.

For example, my brother is looking for a new camera, he’s looking for a camera with a lot of zoom (since he finds his current camera’s zoom rather inadequate). I recommended two cameras to him, each with different strengths, so I sent him a link comparing the Panasonic DMC-ZS3 vs the Canon SX20 IS. You can see a number of major differences. The SX20’s major advantage is that it has 20x zoom compared to the ZS3’s 12x zoom, but the ZS3 is much smaller (good for travelling), and has a better screen, faster continuous shooting, etc.

I also suggested he might compare the SX20 IS to the Panasonic DMC-FZ28, the FZ28 has almost as much zoom, but faster continuous shooting, is lighter, and has better low light capabilities.

So, the great thing about this is, you can compare any two cameras on, and quickly see the differences. For example, you might wonder what are the differences between the Canon SX10 IS and the newer Canon SX 20 IS which I compared above.

You can even compare older cameras. Years ago I bought the Canon S1 IS, for its great zoom and movie capabilities. Its now been replaced by the SX 20 IS, can quickly identify whats changed between the Canon S1 IS and the newer Canon SX 20 IS. Its interesting, the SX20 is better on almost every feature, except for continuous shooting speed, even though its 4 years newer. The SX20’s bigger brother the SX1 IS is faster than the S1 IS though. Unfortunately we don’t yet have pictures of the older cameras.

We’d love to hear any ideas and/or feedback you have, and we’ll keep you posted as we add more to in the future.