World Press Photo 2011

101,254 images were submitted to this years World Press Photo Contest, 5,247 photographers from 124 nations entered. Here are some of the winners:

World Press Photo of the Year: A woman holds a wounded man, inside a mosque that was being used as a field hospital during the demonstrations against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, during clashes in Sanaa, Yemen on 15 October 2011 photo by: Samuel Aranda — The New York Times

1st place Spot News: On Revolution Road, photographer by Yuri Kozyrev
2nd Prize Sports: Scrum Half, photo by Ray McManus
1st place Daily Life: North Korea, photo by Damir Sagolj
2nd place, Arts and Entertainment, Dakar Fashion Week, photo by Vincent Boisot
1st Prize General News, Mubarak Steps Down, photo by Alex Majoli
2nd Prize Spot News, Utoya, photo by Niclas Hammerstrom
2nd Prize General News Stories: Tsunami aftermath, photo by Paolo Pellegrin
3rd place General News: Japan's Nuclear Refugees, photo by David Guttenfelder
2nd prize Nature: Infinity Cave photo by Carsten Peter
1st prize Contemporary Issues: Child Brides, photo by Stephanie Sinclair
1st prize Contemporary Issues: photo by Brent Stirton

Check out all the winners, and tell us which one you like best.