The Orange Battery


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This unique Orange Battery was built by photographer Caleb Charland, who works to create alternative energy photographs using fruit, vegetables, and any other object that can create light for his long-exposure photos. In this photo, the lightbulb inside the orange is powered by a chemical reaction between citric acid and the zinc nails in each of the orange slices. Although it’s a stunning shot, the amount of power produced here was so minimal that it required a 14 hour exposure to get the results shown in this photo. We encourage you to check out a few other really unique photos from Caleb’s project in the gallery above.


Pool with a view


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Today’s photo of the day is of the poolside view on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. Photo by green_kermit on Flickr. This is a stunning example of an infinity pool, which provides the visual effect of water extending to the horizon (to infinity). Also included in the gallery are a few other photos of this beautiful pool.

Traditional Fishing in New Caledonia

This photo shows how traditional fishing is done on the island of MARE in New Caledonia.
It was submitted to the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2011.

If you’re interested in other examples of traditional fishing, the video below shows how a Bajau fisherman holds his breath for minutes and walks along the ocean floor to catch fish. The Bajau people are an indigenous group of southeast Asia who live a maritime lifestyle.

Photos of Spirit Faces Projected onto Trees


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The photos above are part of a project called Cambodian Trees. They were taken by French photographer, Clement Briend, who travelled to Cambodia, and projected the faces of well known Cambodian spirits and deities onto tree leaves so that he could capture these incredible photos. Clement lives and works in Paris and is a professor of photography at the University of Valenciennes, specializing in projecting images onto various surfaces and then taking photos of the resulting images. Check out the project page, or go to Briend’s Facebook page for more info. If you’re interested, you can also get prints here.

Here is a description of the project:

Cambodian Trees is a creative light projection project by French artist Clément Briend that overlays trees with sculptural images of spirits and deities that are highly regarded in Cambodian culture. It’s a beautiful surprise when the projected spirits awaken and reveal themselves at night as though they are made of the towering trees themselves. The photographic light installations echo the spirituality of the few sprouts of nature in the predominantly urban landscapes. It is a visual imagining of the divine figures that inhabit the world, as seen through an environmentally aware spiritual eye.


Blast from the Past


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Spark trails from cannon blast captured at the Moorpark Civil War reenactment, sponsored by the Moorpark Rotary Club. Soldiers manning the cannon were silhouetted due to a large light behind them shining down on the battlefield. The large flood light made it possible to also see the smoke from the cannon blasts.

Out photo of the day is “Blast from the Past” (taken with a Canon 5D MK2, Canon 24-105 at 99mm, 1/5th sec at F5.6). Photographer Bob Jensen specializes in classic car photography, civil war reenactments and portraits, and nature photography, with a special emphasis on the world of insects. Looking through his 500px page, we found it hard to share just 1 photo, so we put together a gallery of a few of his photos.