Snapsort launches Geekaphone

Snapsort is working hard on developing a new website to help you find the best cell phone and wireless carrier. Our new website, Geekaphone is still a few months away, but today we are happy to launch our first component of Geekaphone, a Mobile Speed Test, which lets you:

  • See how fast your wireless carrier is (upload, download, latency)
  • Check your phones browser’s performance
  • See what phones are faster on your network (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell)
  • Challenge your friends to see who’s phone is the fastest

To run the Geekaphone Mobile Speed Test go to on your phone, or scan this QR code. There is nothing to install, just click Run! and in a few seconds you will find out just how fast your phone is. Then you can brag to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or even challenge them to a head to head competition.

Our leaderboard updates live as people test their phones, so you can see which phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) and carriers are the fastest.

Please test your phone, challenge your friends and give us some feedback on our new mobile speedtest.

LRT for Dummies

You may or may not know that Snapsort is a small software startup based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Think of Waterloo as a tiny Silicon Valley up here in the Great White North (koo loo koo koo koo koo koo koo).  Although what you see currently is largely a camera site, we have a little secret: we want to be the first choice for users making any purchasing decision, from real estate and travel to stocks and hot yoga studios.

You see, our business requires a lot of complex and exciting engineering work (P.S. we’re hiring), which means we need to hire world class coders.  The city we live in is a big part of that. Waterloo is a fantabulous region.  Seriously: it’s awesome.  Like other big tech centres that went before us, someone, on some council, in a place called city hall made a decision for or against a rail system.  Well, it’s now our turn to make that decision.

Since Snapsort is all about helping people make better decisions we thought we’d create a super ginormous infographic on all the talking points.  We hope the techies, students, and Waterloo Region lovers will read this, and share it with their friends. (YES, PLEASE POST, TWEET AND SHARE – embed code below the infographic.)

Waterloo Region has undergone explosive growth — it’s a legitimate success story — largely because we have three universities/colleges and a whole lot of talented techies doing cool stuff.  Tech is now our economic heart: manufacturing has left, and Blackberries, Open Text, Desire2Learn, Kik, and hundreds of other have moved in.  There is a small and vocal minority who don’t want a large, super fantastic and dominant urban tech centre, and who think rail systems are silly.   We don’t really agree with this segment although we love that they have an opinion.  What’s your opinion?

Christopher Reid, Snapsort co-founder

Sources in comments

How to Share
Please do share and re-post the infographic. All we ask is that you provide attribution back to and link to the original infographic. Thanks!

<a href=""><img width="650" height="8660" src="" title="LRT for Dummies" alt="Waterloo Region rapid transit options"/></a><br /> <a href="">Snapsort</a>'s <a href="">LRT for Dummies</a> Infographic

Snapsort Community Feedback Contest Winners

We couldn’t be happier about the great feedback we have received during the Snapsort community feedback contest.  Before we announce the winners we wanted to share a few of the most popular suggestions submitted to us:

  • The ability to compare more that 2 cameras at once
  • Linking the camera pages to other reviews, camera manuals and other information about the cameras
  • Examples of photos taken by each camera
  • Review video cameras like we review digital cameras
  • Move the score to the top of the comparison pages
  • Include LensHero lens suggestions in the camera pages

Thanks for all the great suggestions. We are working hard to make Snapsort better and we can not do it without you.
There were two categories in the Snapsort community feedback contest, one for bloggers who wrote about Snapsort and gave us feedback and another for our community. We had just over 1,000 people enter the contest, so we determined winners by using

The winners of Contest A (bloggers):
Grand prize a Nikon D3100 body

Photojojo Coffee Mug

The winners of Contest B (users):
Grand prize a Canon Powershot SD1400 IS

  • Stu

Photo Jojo mug

  • Dennis
  • Lindsey

A one of a kind Snapsort T-Shirts

We wanted to highlight some blogs that really stood out:
Clean Cut Well Kept

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks again for all your support.

Snapsort just got better! So we are giving away a Nikon D3100

We are excited to announce some new features that we have added to Snapsort as well as the opportunity to win some FREE STUFF (including a Nikon D3100)!

New Additions to Snapsort

  • User Contributed Videos – Sometimes words alone don’t do a camera justice.  Video to the rescue!  Snapsort has added tree types of videos:
    • Camera reviews
    • Sample videos from the cameras
    • How-to tutorials


  • User Voting – We recognize that many of our users know a lot about cameras and photography, and we want to incorporate that expertise into We’ve implemented the first revision of our comparison voting system. When you compare two cameras, you will be able to vote and see how other people have voted on different aspects of the camera.


  • More Information – The more info the better when it comes to making decisions, so we’ve added the following info to our DSLR and mirrorless camera reviews:
    • HDR – in camera high dynamic range capabilities
    • Panorama mode
    • 3D
    • Weather sealed
    • Autofocus type (contrast-detect, phase-detect, # of focus points, # of cross-focus points, lag)
    • Movie autofocus type (see above)
    • Sensor cleaning
    • External mic
    • Shutter lag
    • Battery life (# of shots per battery charge using CIPA standards)

Contest Details

Last but not least we REALLY REALLY want your help in determining:

  • What features to build next
  • How to improve on existing features

This is the part where we ask you to help celebrate these new features and give us feedback on how to improve.
Help us improve – Win a Nikon D3100
You could win this great DSLR just by providing us with your well thought out feedback. Simply blog to your audience about our latest changes and how we can improve.  Be sure to give examples and specifics that we can reference in order to make the improvements.  We will also send you a Snapsort T-shirt as big giant thank you just for participating (free shipping to the continental US). We’ll have runner up prizes as well, 10 sweet Photojojo camera lens mugs. So what are you waiting for, get on your blog and tell us how great/horrible we are!

Tell Your Friends

Tweet about us by retweeting this message “Chance to win a Nikon D3100 at, RT this to enter to win a Canon SD1400! @snapsort”  or join our mailing list and you could win a Canon Powershot SD1400 IS, Photojojo camera lens mugs or one of many Snapsort T-Shirts.
Thanks guys for all your continued support, we can’t wait to hear what you want us to add next.

A full list of rules can be found here