Ancient Underwater City: China’s Lost Atlantis


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The ancient city of Shi Cheng was built 1300 years ago, and has been buried beneath the water in China’s eastern Zhejiang province for 53 years. Dubbed Lion City for the Five Lion Mountain it sits beside, the city lies in a valley that was flooded in 1959 to facilitate the construction of a hydropower dam. Lion City, once the center of politics, economics, and culture for the region, is now 26-40 meters beneath Qiandao Lake, making the city a fascinating time capsule, as a result of the way the water shields the city from erosion by wind, rain, and sun. Check out the gallery above for a tour of this underwater city.

Storm Chasing


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This photo was taken by storm chaser Parrish Ruiz de Velasco. In the gallery above you can see the intense photos leading up to this shot. Here’s a description from the photographer:

It was like any other spring day in North Texas — hot, humid and the weather was ripe for a classic Midwest storm. Within hours, 13 confirmed tornadoes touched down across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My adventure began approximately 15 miles south from where the photo was ultimately taken. I turned my flashers on and pulled over to shoot pictures of the ominous clouds that were painted in front of me. Within seconds the sky spit out an incredible twister. I didn’t have a clear view and seeing half a tornado wasn’t good enough. I followed emergency vehicles, took back roads and, before I knew it, I was in the tornado’s direct path with a perfect view from the ground up. By day’s end, I took more than 250 photos. My entire adventure and additional images can be seen here.

Grüner See


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Grüner See, the “Green Lake”, is located in Sryria, Austria. Based at the foot of snow capped mountains, the lake is only 1-2 meters deep during winter, and the surrounding area is used as a county park that is a favourite site for hikers. But during spring, the temperatures rise and the ice and snow from the mountains melt into the basin below, flooding the park area; during summer, the lake can reach depths of 12 meters. The green grass and flowers of the meadow can be seen in full bloom underwater, tinting the lake a distinct green colour, while the ice-cold water provides crystal clear views. Check out the gallery above to see these unique scenes of underwater benches, bridges and walking trails.

Charging Bear


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This incredible photo of a charging bear, and the other photos in this gallery, were taken by photographer Charles Glatzer, who is a world renowned wildlife photographic instructor/ speaker. His work has received over 40 international awards, and he is the owner of the website Shoot the Light, which we encourage you to check out.

He currently shoots with a Canon 1DX but is well experienced with a range of equipment. Here’s a little bit of info. about the equipment he’s used, from his site:

Charles is well versed in both Nikon and Canon film and digital bodies. His equipment and experience includes Horseman 4×5, Hasselblad 6X6, Nikon and Canon 35mm film and digital formats. His leap into the digital domain started with PhotoShop 3 and LS 2000 film scanners. Charles uses Pocket Wizard MultiMax and Flex TT5 radio slaves for firing off-camera lighting and motor drives, Quantum Turbo battery and additional accessories, Gitzo CF tripods with RRS ballheads and L-brackets, Wimberley products (gimbal head, sidekick, flash brackets, and lens plates), Apex beanbags and products. Sekonic L358/558 incident meters are used for incident and flash exposure. All equipment is carried in F-Stop, Think Tank and Gura Gear bags, with lenses protected by Lens-Coat products. His digital capture medium of choice is Hoodman RAW 675X and Sandisk Extreme Pro. CS6, LR4, C1 Pro 6, are the postproduction softwares of choice, with NIK plug-ins used to further enhance imagery.

Current camera equipment includes; multiple Canon digital 1DX bodies, 16-35, 24-70, 70-200 f/2.8IS II, 100-400, 180 macro, 300 f/2.8IS, 500IS, 600IS, EF III converters, extension tubes, 600EX-RT flashes.