Introducing Snapsort

What the Heck is Snapsort
Let’s get the first big question out of the way: what the heck is Snapsort? We’re a group of four passionate engineers and comp sci guys who like photography (one of us is a pro the rest of us are amateurs) and want to solve a problem that is always popping up for us.

Knowing what camera and camera equipment to buy is a pain. Consequently, people who want to take good pictures are having a hard time.

Too Much Choice – Too Much Effort
Yes there are review sites, and sales people, wikis, forums and answer sites, but for some reason most people still spend way too much time researching and still end up buying the wrong camera.

Our conclusion is that currently its too difficult for people (even geeks) to know what to buy. You have to become a domain and terminology expert, learn about upcoming products, understand new features, boil down the marketing speak, read reviews, compensate for biases and relevancy and finally distill it all into a relevant decision for your needs.  No wonder people place themselves at the mercy of a 15yr old salesperson at their local big box (shudder).

It Should be Easy!
We think what people really want is to have some goals in mind and to get a list of cameras that best meet those goals and to be told why.

Imagine a user that needs a camera that they can travel with and that they can capture their son’s soccer games with; we’re going to build a website that will let the user instantly understand what products meet those goals and help them understand why. Always up to date and always focused on the user’s exact needs.

Ambitious? We think so, but but we left our day jobs to work on something we’re passionate about; something both fun and challenging.

We’ll Need Feedback
One final thought, we’re most certainly not in stealth mode. If we’re quiet its simply because we’re working hard to get something we can show people. We really want feedback and to iterate quickly so that we build something the community will love and trust.

We look forward to working with the photography community so that we can all send our friends and family to a place where they’ll get good advice without us having to do all the work.