Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


The best way to see Alaska is from the shoreline.

Glaciers on the side of volcanoes melt into millions of lakes, tucked away behind a forest of spruce and birch trees. Alaska’s landscapes are wondrous. The best way to navigate its vast lands, charming towns and 34,000 miles of shoreline is by boat.

Midsize cruise ships, with less than a thousand cabins, depart from laidback Vancouver, Canada almost daily in the summer months. These smaller ships are able to navigate right along the Alaskan shores.

From the deck, it’s not uncommon to see a mama bear and her cubs resting on a secluded beach. You hear the thunderous crack of a split glacier. Humpback whales jump through the water as if on proud display.

Most boats stop in Juneau, the state capital, only reachable by air or water. Though at one time you may have pitied the citizens of this remote town, once you experience the beautiful wonders of Alaska, you’ll likely want to take up residence.