Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


Seoul’s a modern and friendly travel destination.

Split from its brother to the north in a messy war, South Korea had to rebuild from the ground up over just the past half century.

Seoul By Night. Photo by Philippe Teuwen

They’ve done a lot with their blank canvas, turning themselves into an economic powerhouse. Their music and movies have gained worldwide popularity as has their cuisine, Korean Restaurants popping up across the US at a rapid pace.

Of course, there’s no better place to experience the culture than in Seoul. Some may feel it’s a volatile time to visit yet one of the most popular tourist attractions is the DMZ, bordering North Korea. Strictly guided tours departing from Seoul allow tourists to see into this infamously secretive country.

Seoul is a huge city, comparable to New York or London. Their modern subway system is equally as complex but there are plenty of friendly English-speaking Koreans willing to help out.

Spend the day exploring the various food markets, watch the kites along the Han River or partake in the national pastime, hiking.  

Be careful with the other popular pastime, drinking. Koreans at any restaurant will be happy to introduce you to soju.