Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


Regardless of faith, the major western religions can all be felt in Jerusalem.

Israel, the most contested and controversial country in the Middle East, is also the most spiritually significant and possibly the most beautiful in the region. You can drive through this country in under seven hours and yet you’ll pass through lush forests with waterfalls and barren dessert.

You’d also be passing through thousands of years of history. The stories behind the three major Western religions—Christianity, Judaism and Islam—all played out in this land.

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. Photo by Scott Ableman

Jerusalem is the spiritual focal point, nation’s capital and a continually besieged city. In Old Jerusalem, you’ll see large groups representing all three major religions. Though divided, they walk the same streets. Shared streets and, for the most part, a shared hope for peace.

Along the coast, Tel Aviv is where you’ll find the best restaurants and most laidback locals. Israelis party here seven days a week as if there were no tomorrow. You’ll see teenagers playing at the beach day and night, though never far from their long guns while serving in the army.

Israel. It’s complicated, and enchanting.