Charging Bear


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This incredible photo of a charging bear, and the other photos in this gallery, were taken by photographer Charles Glatzer, who is a world renowned wildlife photographic instructor/ speaker. His work has received over 40 international awards, and he is the owner of the website Shoot the Light, which we encourage you to check out.

He currently shoots with a Canon 1DX┬ábut is well experienced with a range of equipment. Here’s a little bit of info. about the equipment he’s used, from his site:

Charles is well versed in both Nikon and Canon film and digital bodies. His equipment and experience includes Horseman 4×5, Hasselblad 6X6, Nikon and Canon 35mm film and digital formats. His leap into the digital domain started with PhotoShop 3 and LS 2000 film scanners. Charles uses Pocket Wizard MultiMax and Flex TT5 radio slaves for firing off-camera lighting and motor drives, Quantum Turbo battery and additional accessories, Gitzo CF tripods with RRS ballheads and L-brackets, Wimberley products (gimbal head, sidekick, flash brackets, and lens plates), Apex beanbags and products. Sekonic L358/558 incident meters are used for incident and flash exposure. All equipment is carried in F-Stop, Think Tank and Gura Gear bags, with lenses protected by Lens-Coat products. His digital capture medium of choice is Hoodman RAW 675X and Sandisk Extreme Pro. CS6, LR4, C1 Pro 6, are the postproduction softwares of choice, with NIK plug-ins used to further enhance imagery.

Current camera equipment includes; multiple Canon digital 1DX bodies, 16-35, 24-70, 70-200 f/2.8IS II, 100-400, 180 macro, 300 f/2.8IS, 500IS, 600IS, EF III converters, extension tubes, 600EX-RT flashes.