Teen arrested for refusing to delete a photo, on his film camera

A British Columbia teen was arrested after he snapped a photo of mall security guards arresting a man in a Burnaby B.C. mall in September. 16 year old Jakub Markiewicz took a photo believing the  scene to be a news worthy event on his film camera. Mall security then demanded that he delete the photo. Jakub explained that he could not because he was shooting with a film camera. After being asked not to take any more photos Jakub took a second photo of RCMP officers, he was then pushed to the ground by mall security, Jakub then started swearing. His backpack was cut off him and searched, the teen was later released without being charged.

Mall security over stepped their bounds, a mall, although private property is open to the public and security can not stop someone from taking photos, but they can ask you to leave. Bottom line is that you should know your rights as a photographer, and no one can ever order you to delete a photo.