Photo Challenge: Animals

The last photo theme we did was Animals. We received a ton of great photos, so check them out below and tell us what you think in the comments. We’ve been busy working on a big surprise, so apologies for the wait. The next photo challenge is posted at the bottom.

Photo by Sukhbir Kundra
Rhino at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore MD. Photo by Sean Townsend
Photo by Ross Munro
Photo by Steffi Luntz
Photo by Vipin Ashodhiya
Photo by T Malachi Dunworth. Taken with Olympus Pen E-PL1 with 40-150mm lens
Photo by Alejandro Miranda LaRoche
Photo by Marius Neag.
Photo by Nathalie Basoska
Photo by Srdjana Pajevic
Photo by Crisan Doru
Photo by Debbie Clark
Out in the Wyoming prairie, a young wild cat keeps watch over her kittens. Photo by Garrett Hoppes
Photo by Ramesh Mohan
Photo by Julie Scruffy
Photo by Ted Litke
Photo by Alain Villeneuve
Photo by Tim Matthews
Photo by Francis Laloli. Captured with: Sony A55 + 50mm f/1.4
Photo by Nadzim Khir Nadzmi
Male Leopard tracks a female Leopard in heat near the
Seronera river in the Serengeti National Park. Photo by Brendon Church
Poodles at play on the sand of Lake Michigan. Photo by Victor Mangona
Cat stares intently at chickens to decide if they’re worth chasing. Photo by Zane Artes
Alpine goat in the mountains of Chamonix. Photo by Madara Liepiņa
Pashmina goats near the Indo-China Border. Photo by Ghulam Shah
Lemur’s dinner time. Photo by Ruth Cassidy


The next photo challenge is: Autumn

Send us your great autumn photos to, along with your name, and a short description of the photo. Please submit your photos by Thursday, October 11.


  • The photo should be taken by you
  • You may interpret the theme in any way you would like
  • You agree to allow us to share your image on our Blog and Facebook wall
  • You retain all rights to the photo
  • Submit your photos by Thursday, October 11
  • Please only submit one photo for this challenge
  • Please include a short description of your photo, along with your name
  • Email your photo to
  • Be creative and have fun