Photo Challenge: Darkness

This weeks challenge was Darkness, and it looks like the Snapsort community spent a lot of time playing in low light situations. Each week we are going to run a  photo challenge, we hope that you will be encouraged to go out and takes some photos, as well as get your creative juices flowing.

Scroll down to find out what next week’s theme is.

Wherever you are, Shine! Photo by Ghulam Jeelani Shah
"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" - Albus Dumbledore. Photo by Joemi Mousseigt
This photo was taken with my Canon D60 with Sigma 8mm Fisheye at 11pm at a ranch in deep south Texas two days ago. The moon was exceptionally bright...the exposure was approximately 15 seconds. I think this photo is pretty cool because you can see how incredibly windy it was in the blurry leaves while everything else around appears to be still. This tree is nearly 150 years old and has survived countless heat waves and droughts to become magnificently large. The stars are also nice and bright in the upper corners of the picture. Enjoy! Photo by Austin Ivey
Photo by S Rahul Bose
“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.” - Bram Stoker, Dracula. Photo by, Gremin Manadan
Photo by María Lecanda
"Darkness Welcoming Light" Photo by Arun
Old pop bottels on my windowsill after dark. Photo by Dallas Lammiman
It is in the appearance of light, that we are reminded how much we live in darkness. Photo by Ja Calvert-Lane
STOP KONY 2012, photo by Jorge Rodriguez
This is what a "dark" snowy night in Alberta looks like Photo by Dallas
Photo by Sarah Delgado
“Darkness does not leave us easily as we would hope.”-- Margaret Stohl. Photo by Trilok C. Prasain
Photo by Neha Rathi
Photo by Wayne Kirk
Photo by Grant Grindle
Photo by Keerthan Setty
Photo by Rachel Goldstein
Serial Shooter, part I: Gone Dark, Photo by Mhamad Chaddad
Photo by M Sane Akhtar
Photo by Abhijit Nayak

Today is International Women’s Day so next week’s theme is: Feminine

Grab your camera and take a NEW photo this week, and send them to, along with your name, and a short description of the photo. Please submit your photos by next Wednesday.


  • The photo should be taken by you
  • Photo must be taken after the challenge theme is posted
  • You may interpret the theme in any way you would like
  • You agree to allow us to share your image on our Blog and Facebook wall
  • You retrain all rights to the photo
  • Submit your photos by next Wednesday
  • Please only submit one photo per week
  • Please include a short description of your photo, along with your name
  • Email your photo to
  • Be creative and have fun