Snapsort launches digital camera recommendations

Today Snapsort released a significant update to its digital camera site:, as well as comparing cameras the site now recommends cameras for any price range and for any combination of features that are important to you.

Just tell me which camera to buy!

Not sure which camera to get?  Not interested in spending a lot of time figuring it out?   Simply enter your budget, and Snapsort will give you a few recommendations depending on whether you’re looking for a small camera or one with a lot of zoom (for example).

For example:

Recommendations on the fly

You can explore digital cameras at Snapsort, to find cameras with the features that are important to you, instead of just putting the cheapest or newest camera at the top of the list, Snapsort ranks all the cameras instantly against your criteria to show you which ones are the best.

For example:

Compare any two cameras to quickly see the differences

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can compare any two digital cameras and have Snapsort tell you the advantages of each, and give its recommendation.  Snapsort even customizes the recommendations based on your exploration criteria.


There’s much more to the site too, so dive in and take a look around!

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