updated: discussions, pricing from amazon and other retailers, and more

We updated last night, the new release includes: discussions/comments on comparisons and cameras, prices from more retailers including and B&H; Photo Video, more detailed comparisons, and new cameras.


Every comparison page and camera page now hosts a discussion forum powered by Disqus!

For example, you could discuss the Canon T2i vs T1i (two of the hottest SLRs from Canon), or discuss the Nikon Coolpix P100 vs. the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1 (two super zoom compacts that record HD video).

Individual cameras also get discussion pages, so you could for example discuss the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 (a great travel zoom feature 12x zoom in a compact body).

As our discussion pages mention: the intention is that these be used to discuss the cameras (your opinions on them), and but not for feedback on Snapsort, please discuss Snapsort itself at our support community.

Improved Prices

Snapsort now includes prices from, the marketplace (e.g. 3rd party stores selling through Amazon),  B&H; Photo Video, Calumet Photographic and more.

We’re excited to have these great stores on  Having more options means you can find the best place to buy your camera for you, whether that means a store you trust, or a store that has good shipping and/or return policies, or just the store with the best price.

Our pricing pages for SLRs now give some indication as to what lenses each kit includes or doesn’t include, by showing an illustrative graphic.

Finally, through and their marketplace, we now have a fair number of used and refurbished listings. These are clearly marked.  Buying used can be a great way to buy an older camera or get a great deal on a new camera.

More Detailed Comparisons

Our comparisons now consider a few more features including: the size of the camera, the frames per second they record video at and for digicams their best aperture at full zoom.

For example, when comparing the Canon Rebel T2i vs T1i Snapsort tells you that “The Rebel T2i records at a slightly higher frame rate” pointing out that the T2i does 1080p video at 30fps where as the T1i only does 20fps.

As another example, when comparing the Canon Powershot SX1 vs the Panasonic Lumic DMC-FZ38 Snapsort tells us that “At full zoom the Panasonic DMC-FZ38’s lens captures slightly more light (0.7 f-stops)”.

New Cameras

As with most of our updates we’ve included new cameras that have been recently announced or released.

Snapsort now includes a link from the main page to show you some of the most recent cameras.

New Logo

We’ve also got a new logo now!