Updated: Prices, new cameras, and more

Today we released an update to  It includes: prices for most cameras currently available for sale, links to buy those cameras, recently announced cameras, and a few small updates.

Pricing now integrates pricing data from a few retailers, allowing us to do two things:

  • Include current street prices in camera comparisons
  • Give links to buy cameras at online retailers

For example, if you compare the Canon Rebel T1i to the Nikon D90 will tell you that the best price we’ve seen for the T1i is $146 less (as of today).

You can now click through to a page about any specific camera, so if you look at the page about the Rebel T1i you’ll see that we have pricing for the camera body only, and in kits, from a few different retailers!

Recently Announced Cameras now includes a number of new cameras released in 2010.  It can be interesting to compare new releases against the previous year’s model to see what has changed! For example:

Camera Pages

As I mentioned above, now has individual camera pages – previously we had only comparison pages.

These pages are fairly bare bones at this point, and we’ll be filling them out over time.  They include a brief overview of the camera, specifications, prices, and competitors.

Small Improvements

We’ve made a few other small improvements.

Camera comparisons now include a few more features in the differences and similarities section: widest aperture, RAW shooting capability, price and annnounced date.

For example, if you compare the Panasonic DMC-ZS3 to the Canon S90 you’ll see that Snapsort points out that the S90 has a wider aperture (f/2 vs f/3.3) which lets in 1.4 f-stops more light!

Other small improvements include a couple bug fixes and image improvements pointed out by users at our support community.

Stay in touch

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We’d also like to hear from you!