Photo Challenge: Mom

I hope you had a great mothers day. This week’s challenge was “Mom”, there were some good photos submitted this week. Tell us what you think of the photos in the comments and scroll down to find out what the next photo challenge is.

A Mother's Love Never Grows Old. Photo by Michelle Ericson
My mom is awesome! This is her with South Korean border guards at the last train station before the border, on a non-existent train line to North Korea. Photo by Robin Berghuijs
This is my mom. This was during a family reunion, which she had spent months planning. It rained the whole day. So, when life throws rain at your plans, why not throw on am umbrella hat to stop the rain? Photo by Laura Johnson
Photo by Fatema Mustafa Ali
Photo by Emric Delton
Photo by Prabhakar Banerjee
Photo by Saurabh Shah

This week’s photo challenge is: “Shallow or Narrow Depth of Field”

Here are some examples of Shallow or Narrow Depth of Field:

Photo by Brenden Sherratt
Photo by Lori c. from flickr
Photo by Brenden Sherratt

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Grab your camera and take a photo this week, and send them to, along with your name, and a short description of the photo. Please submit your photos by next Wednesday.


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