Polaroid Fields New Dua External Flash

Polaroid PN 160D
Polaroid new dual lighting system for flash and video - by Polaroid

Polaroid announced the availability of a new type of light that can be used as a flash for stills or constant light for video.

Aimed squarely at DSLR shooters, the Polaroid Dua packs two different types of light sources into a TTL compatible strobe with a power zoom head that tracks with the lens zoom and a separate LED pack for video lighting.

In addition to the power zoom, the flash offers the usual 270 degree pan and tilt capability. On the software side it’s got power save and built-in internal red eye reduction features. It works as the primary flash with TTL support for Canon, Nikon, and Pentax, but also has a slave mode to function as a fill.

The LED video light can provide up to an hour on a full charge. Button controls and a back lit LCD screen on the back, along with a built in diffuser and bounce card.

Produced in two versions the PL 150 and PL 160 the Dua is already on store shelves at B&H and Amazon and currently retails for $199.00.

There have been many times this type of flash unit would come in handy. Any time you’re switching from stills to video in a tricky lighting situation, it will be great to have. At a price point under $200, Polaroid looks like it might have a winner.

Funny Canon never came up with anything like that in their own strobes.