First DSLR with auto-focus HD video: Nikon D3100 rumour!

Rumour has it that Nikon is going to release a new entry level DSLR to replace the D5000 and D3000.  The new camera is rumoured to come out in a few weeks and be named the Nikon D3100.

Big news: Its going to be the first DSLR with HD video (1080p at 24fps no less!) that can auto-focus while filming, a big deal for the average user who doesn’t want to manual focus.

Panasonic’s mirrorless cameras such as the Lumix GH1 already do focus while filming HD video, but aren’t quite in the same league as DSLRs, with smaller sensors and lacking an optical through-lens-viewfinder.  This will jump Nikon ahead of Canon in the video marketing (as far as auto-focus goes) and catch them up, being Nikon’s first 1080p video DSLR, joining ranks with Canon’s 1080p DSLRs including the Rebel T2i and the 7D.

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Specs are expected to be:

  • I’m guessing price will be about $700 with a 18-55mm kit lens
  • HD video 1080p at 24fps, ACHD video codec
  • 3fps continuous shooting
  • No flip out (swivel) screen (unlike the D5000)
  • New auto-focus points configuration
  • 10MP CMOS sensor