Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


A stopover worth making.

When planning a trip, we try to avoid stopovers. The thought of waiting in a crowded airport, surrounded by overpriced junk food has made stopover a dirty word in the world of travel. But some stopovers are worth the wait.

A great way to break up a flight between the US and Europe is a stopover in Iceland. Icelandair provides cheap flight options that allow you to spend a few hours or several days exploring the small country.

Enjoy some halibut caught that morning, then travel beyond the small pastel-colored houses of the country’s capital, Reykjavik, and visit the Blue Lagoon spa. The enticing milky blue waters are set in a lava field, surrounded by volcanic rock. The warm waters will soothe your wayward feet.

Iceland’s Beautiful Coast

Take in the other-worldly volcanoes and stunning coastlines of Iceland. These beautiful landscapes may have you forgetting about your onward flight.