Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


Castles and vineyards along the Rhine River.

Katz Castle Above The Rhine River. Photo by Alexander Hoernigk

River cruises appeal to seasoned travelers who have been to all the capitals of Europe and now want to see the countryside. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises make daily stops, sometimes twice, to take in the towns and attractions. These smaller boats are able to park right in the middle of town for easy strolling.

Wine Vineyards By A Small Bavarian Town. Photo by Axel.

With interconnecting rivers, you can travel almost all of Europe, from Romania to Amsterdam, or Paris to Zurich.

The Rhine River, stretching from the middle of Switzerland to the northern tip of the Netherlands, is a popular route. The Swiss Alps lead to vineyards filled with Riesling grapes, castles at every turn, onwards to the gothic Cologne Cathedral and up to the sailboats flagged along Holland’s coast.

River Cruise Past Cologne Cathedral. Photo by Rolf Heinrich, Köln

Many cruise companies include a variety of tours, for active travelers as well as those who like a slower pace, but why even leave your comfortable bed? All the highlights along the narrow river can be seen right from your stateroom window.