Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


Come for civilizations of the past. Stay for the vibrancy of the present.

Machu Picchu, Credit: Chensiyuan

High up in the Andes Mountains, the remains of Machu Picchu draw a million tourists to Peru annually. Despite being only five-hundred years-old, seemingly younger than the average church in Europe, tourists are mesmerized by this past civilization that existed on the tip of a high mountain.

Machu Picchu Llama, Credit: Robert Luna

Whether you take a multi-day hike or easy single-day tour, get to Machu Picchu at sunrise when quirky llamas are free to roam through the ruins in the thick morning mist.

Church of la Compañía in Cuzco. Credit: Cacophony

No doubt part of the allure of this manmade wonder are the spectacular views of lush green valleys way down below. Then beyond, in the nearby city of Cuzco, friendly locals sell handmade textiles and woodwork. Try at least a fork full of the deep fried cuy, otherwise known as guinea pig.

Via ellingjt from Reddit

While foreigners get a laugh out of this national dish, the food currently coming out of Lima right now is no joke. The capital city boasts two restaurants amongst the World’s 50 Best Restaurants: Central and Maido.