Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


Otherworldly beauty at every step.

Photo by ser_is_snarkish

Iguanas seem to rest on every rock. The centuries old tortoises roam at their slow pace. Seals play on the many beaches while dolphins jump through the air not far from shore. There’s nowhere in the world quite like the Galapagos Islands.

Seal on beach. Free commercial use.
Credit: Paul Krawczuk

Set way out in the Pacific Ocean, these volcanic islands spread across the Equator. Most fly here from Ecuador’s mainland and then take a week-long boat tour of the many islands.

Photo of a Saddleback Tortoise by Paul Krawczuk

It’s a long journey, but once you’re on board the boat you don’t exactly have to rough it. Many are luxury boats offering large staterooms and multi-course meals.

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But the dinner menu is secondary to the array of wildlife you’ll encounter on the island. The area is highly protected so you’ll only be able to visit any given island in a small group and guide. On your trip, you’ll encounter more seals than people.

Photo by Francesco Bandarin