Travel Destination To Add To Your Bucket List


From sea to shining sea.

Photo by derwiki

America the beautiful. This country’s best experienced by car or RV on a nice long road trip.

Though there are countless ways to dot the map, the most iconic journey is from New York to Los Angeles, Broadway Avenue to Rodeo Drive, the Atlantic to… you get the picture!

Photo by Anthony Quintano

To make the most of this drive, begin your journey in late October, as the vibrant orange and red leaves blanket New York State. Head southwest along the Atlantic Coast to visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Pass through Louisville and Kentucky towards Nashville, where no matter your music taste you’ll be tapping your boot to bluegrass and country music day and night.

Dip down to balmier New Orleans and taste the French influence with a plate of fried, sweet beignets. Spend a few nights in Austin, a proudly weird music town. Drive through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona until you hit the Pacific Ocean.


You’ve reached Los Angeles, your final destination! Although, the best way to get your car home is by completing the clockwise circle through the states.

Grand Canyon