Photo Challenge: Water

This week’s photo challenge makes me thirsty. We asked the Snapsort community to take photos of Water, and here are the results. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments and scroll down to the bottom to find out what the next challenge is.

The Big Drain (Every drop counts), a photo by me, Saurabh Kumar

This photo is an Alchemilla Mollis leaf taken just after a heavy downpour. The leaves are very water-repellent so retain water droplets for ages!
Taken with a macro attachment on a 50mm F1.8 lens with a Canon 60D. Photo by John Barton
Aira force waterfall, Ullswater, England. Photo by Andrew Ballantyne
A Dandy-Lion Puff Ball after a rain! Photo by Sam Schepise
Photo by Selvaganesh
A drop of water about to fall on the ground looking like a crystal. Photo by Pandurang Kamath
After blending an ice cold fruit smoothie I noticed these beautiful
droplets of condensed water on the outside of the stainless steel
Shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.
Photo by Brendon Church
Photo by Ramesh Mohan
This picture was taken at the Taubenlochschlucht in Switzerland near the city Biel. Its a very nice, but small canyon leading out of the city including a small waterfall. Photo by Vitus v. Lojewski
Photo by Farhan Haekal
Photo by Derdevil
Save water , save nature. Photo by Anas Khan
Photo by Aimilanos Gkekas
Water Dance Photo by Dinesh Haryad
Pearls on a Ledge. Photo by Ahmad Zafar Siddiqui
This photo was taken around dusk in San Diego at sunset cliffs. The detail on the rock and the water effect transports you to an otherworldly place. Photo by Maha Comianos
Country Dam. Photo by James Brooks
Philip Wallner
Running water Photo by Peter Boocock
Photo by Ujwal Singhania
Photo by Gabriel Demougeot
Photo by Arun BS
Photo by Monika Ohleiter

The Olympics kick off today, so this week’s photo challenge is:┬áSports

Grab your camera and take a photo this week, and send them to, along with your name, and a short description of the photo. Please submit your photos by next Thursday.


  • The photo should be taken by you
  • You may interpret the theme in any way you would like
  • You agree to allow us to share your image on our Blog and Facebook wall
  • You retain all rights to the photo
  • Submit your photos by next Thursday
  • Please only submit one photo per week
  • Please include a short description of your photo, along with your name
  • Email your photo to
  • Be creative and have fun

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