The World of Photo Sharing [Infographic]

Back in the day, the only way to share your photos was to get your friends and family together and pass around the old photo album or turn on the clunky a slide projector. Thankfully things have changed and you are able to share your photos online using Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram just to name a few. Sortable has put together an infographic that compares all these popular photo sharing sites.
Sortable The World of Photo Sharing

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One Response to “The World of Photo Sharing [Infographic]”

  1. Barry October 5, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    They don’t mention the god-awful compression and distortion that Facebook imposes upon images shared there. Ugh. It’s one of the reasons I like Flickr.

    Facebook is fine for snapshots, but it turns anything with any fine detail into rubbish.